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In addition to the standard equipment, it is possible to provide lift tables with a range of accessories to enhance safety, versatility, application and to simplify handling.
  1. Mobile Base Frame - Provided with wheels the lift platform becomes a mobile lifting and handling equipment. The trolley frame consists of two swivel braked caster wheels and two fixed wheels.
  2. Flange Wheel Base frame - Level differences in a track bound transportation system can be simply eliminated by utilising a flange wheel base frame. This equipment can be supplied with or without powered drive unit.
  3. Roll-of guard - Prevents goods from rolling off the table when unloading and loading wheel borne loads. This option is advantageous on loading dock lift tables.
  4. Load flap - For bridging the gap between the lift table and loading dock or vehicle. This option is mainly used on loading dock lift tables.
  5. Recessed circular turntable - Recesses and integrated in the lift table top.
  6. Rectangular turntable - Fitted on the lift table top and includes an inductive sensor to avoid trapping risks.
  7. Mechanical shotbolts - Lift tables which operate above and below floor level, can be provided with shotbolts to withstand severe loading conditions an is essential when th elift table is driven over by vehicles.
  8. Pallet truck frame - Enables the lift table to be easily transported with a forklift or hand pallet truck.
  9. Side barrier rails - A 1100 mm high rail with a mid-rail and a 150 mm high toe kick-plate is a recommended option when the lift table is used by persons or as a goods lif between levels.
  10. Goal post barrier - It used as an upper level barrier rail when the lift table is in the lowered position. In fully raised position, the goal post is sized to allow 2000 mm free clear entrance.
  11. Gate - It is usually combined with the barrier rails and can be supplied with either electrical or mechanical locking or both.
  12. Tilt - The lift table can be fitted with a hydraulic tilt platform with max. tilt angle of 900.
  13. Photocell control - For automatic lifting and lowering of the lifting table - by load recognition.
  14. Roller conveyor - Roller conveyor or another conveyor type is often utilised in production systems where different levels are to be compensated.
  15. -16. Bellows/Chain mesh/Roller curtain - Protects the table from dust, dirt and debris in exposed environments. The bellows are suitable for weather proofing the equipment in an outdoor environment. The lift table can be enclosed in a chain mesh curtain to reduce the risk of injury or entrapment. The chain mesh curtain is also a useful protection against mechanical damage.
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